Thursday, November 5, 2009

tHanKfuL tHuRsdaY

It's been incredibly long since I have done a
Thankful Thursday Post.
I think today is a good day to start back up
afterall it is the First Thursday in November.

I am extremely thankful for our family's health.
The last week w/ 2 sick little boys
reminded me to appreciate all the other days
we have been healthy.
Our sick days were minimal & temporary.

I'm thankful to finally feel settled in our
Pleasant Place.
The boys feel it too.
It feels good.
Routine, order, settling.

It was wonderful to be at preschool
with all of my little kiddos back & healthy.
10 out of 12 of my sweet ones were sick
in a bout a week & 1/2 span.
so it's been quite a while
since our classroom has been "complete".

I'm totally thrilled about the weekend
right around the corner.
I'm getting away with 3 wonderful friends.
None of them know each other
but I know they are going to love each other!

I'm thankful that my sweet husband has said
The boys are in super hands with him
and grandparents when JM
has other things to get done.

I was so thankful to come home to a clean kitchen
especially considering the disaster it was in
when I had to leave.
I was seriously dreading entering.
What a pleasant surprise.

I love our yard.
Quite possible the best feature of our new home.
We have spent the past 3 afternoons outside.

Which leads me to loving the glorious weather
we have been fortunate enough to enjoy.
I love fall.
I am so thankful for
how much better the boys have gotten along
with each other this week.
It's been a rough couple of weeks of pure meaness
coming from these sweet boys.
I hope we're done with this phase.

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