Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun Fall Weekend

Thankfully the boys are so much better.
They got better just in time to participate
in our SkamFam traditions for Halloween.
In addition to celebrating Ben's Birthday,
we had pumpkins to carve,
costumes to get ready,
candles to light,
In an effort to avoid purchasing costumes
from Wal-Mart or Target,
we encouraged the boys to be creative.
Imagine my excitement when Jacob says he wants to be a
So then it was Ben's turn and he said he wanted to be a
Basketball Player.
(also cute b/c it was his idea)
Then Jacob says he wants to be a
basketball player too.
(well to me, that's boring)
But we did it anyway.
At least is cost next to nothing.
All we bought were the
wrist bands & head bands.
and they enjoyed it
so it really doesn't matter if we think it's boring!

The SkamFam has a tradition of
eating hot dogs by candle light.
It was started before we had children
by dear friends of ours in Texas.
We used to call them each Halloween
to tell them what they started for us.

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Shelley said...

regina your new house looks so NICE! i cant wait to see it. i love your family's holiday traditions--yall are too cute.