Monday, January 19, 2009


Today I have:

~ enjoyed a stay home jammer day

~ watched the boys play with legos!!

~ made yummy homemade chicken noodle soup

but I left something out not sure what but it

tasted a little bland the grilled cheese was a hit

~ done laundry

~ decorated recipe cards & created

~ watched J create with what he calls "Mommy's crafting supplies"

~ picked up love notes that J made & dropped for us to find

~ chatted with a best friend (i love phone calls!)

~ made a delicious popcorn snack for some sweet college girls

~ worked on a few carepackages for the same college girls as well as a swap

~ done lesson plans for February

~ reffereed our boys

~ done dishes

~ been thankful for leaders

~ wished for snow that is not in the forecast for us so we can have another day

~ read books to the boys

~ snacked on some dark chocolate covered pomegranates

~ been on facebook but only for a few minutes ;)

~ thought about giving smelly roxy a bath

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