Thursday, January 15, 2009

skamfam collections

some are intentional

others are an evironmental, healthy, & tasty way to drink water
not to mention how cute they are

& some are just plain ole unexplainable
and not part of a collection are these cuties
it's amazing how much ben has come around w/ little roxy!
it has been brought to my attention that I forgot a very special collection

Jacob has been collecting tops for over a year now

and has filled more than 1/3 of a garbage can.

How could I forget such a collection?!


Poppy said...


I wondered why Ben was drinking out of that Mason jar until your blog reminded us again about checking plastic food containers.
Is there a safe toy for Roxie to chew? It's fun to see her chew on ice cubes. Who is this Lee Jackson character? I'd rather be at work than vegetating here.

mama b said...

here's a question for "poppy" AND you actually! if we collect some from around here, would jacob like us to pass them on to pat and let her keep them until she sees yall?

Skamamama said...

yes sarah! as a matter of fact poppy & granny just brought a few bags of tops! jacob loves them and would welcome some more! memaw (pat) & papaw also collect for us and would be glad to bring their next visit. thanks so much!