Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i LOVE mail!

Sending and Receiving it!
Have you seen her blog and tried her yummy treat?
I made a Valentine Batch w/ M&M's & Sprinkles.
I packaged it up quickly for some care packages.
It is so yummy & rich!
Then I had fun creating recipe cards for a few friends but different packages.
The college students don't need recipes yet!
Finally I had a helper to get these packages to the van and

to the most polite, & patient Postmasters ever!
I'm not kidding!
They are always so nice to the boys and helpful to me.
And there's NEVER a line.
They have taken the boys back behind the counter to look at all the bins and sorters,
answered their tons of questions,
given me boxes, & helped with our Community Helpers Unit at Preschool.

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Emily said...

What lucky college students! Looks so yummy! -e