Monday, January 12, 2009

Terri's Tips

Like many of you, I struggle with the idea of "new year's resolution". It just seems to big & overwelming. In fact only 8% of new year's resolutions "stick" throughout the year. There are a few areas that over the past few months, we (jm & myself) are making strides to improve for ourselves & our families.

One area is in our health. Aside from the fact that we would like to be healthy eaters & exercise more, we also live in a chemical & toxic world. I am learning more & more each day on how to make our home a healthier place for our family. (my goal is to start in our home so as not to be too overwelmed!)

So I have asked a friend of ours to help, coach, & encourage us w/ simple & practical changes that we can do in our home that would create BIG health benefits w/ minimal energy, time & cost. terri came over today so i could ask her tons of questions. I'll be sharing her tips & suggestions for you to use too.

my first & biggest question was:
What is 1 change you would encourage every mother to make in their home?
tomorrow i will share her tips and host my very first give away!

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Jenn said...

Yippeee...sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear what you find out!