Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I think I may have finally recuperated from my wonderful weekend with crafty girlfriends. Two of my friends came down from Richmond Friday night and left Saturday night. We stayed up until 3:30 Saturday morning creating and chatting! We started again at 9am Saturday morning and only stopped to eat and visit a scrapbook store...(that we won't be visiting again!!)

First on our agenda~
I've been eyeing these since last year when Sarah first posted them on her facebook. I finally got around to making my own.
We are going to put our favorite Christmas things to do inside each little muffin cup. (making cookies, driving to look at lights, watching Polar Express, etc.)

While they were fun fun fun to make, time is running out.
Sarah has a stock of them in her shop if you don't have time to make your own.

Jennifer & Jenn busy at work!

After finishing our muffin tin advent we started another project.
I think we will put Scripture verses inside these Advent Ornaments
and hang on the boys' Christmas tree along with all of our homemade ornaments.

and isn't this amazing?!
When Jenn asked me to send her some of my favorite pictures of the boys,
I had no idea it was for something this lovely.
I did suggest that she do a tutorial on her blog.
I'm ready to make one so if you are interested in making one too
let's pick a date to create them together!

and this shy pilgrim would be my ben!


mama b said...

yall's turned out SOOO cute! love them all! and the ornaments are precious too. are those little tins like you would put wedding candy favors in?

i bought a cheap clock almost a year ago with the intent of tearing it apart and making it pretty. i haven't gotten around to it yet, so maybe i'll have to now that your new gorgeous clock has reminded me. :) glad yall had so much fun!

Elisa said...

What a great idea! Love those little tins.

Have a great Thanksgiving!