Tuesday, November 18, 2008

if mama aint happy, aint nobody happy!

so what does bring a smile to my face?!
what makes me happy?
honestly there is so much that brings joy to my day!
*the freshness of a good night's sleep & a new morning from God*
*a husband that is also an amazing daddy*
*hearing the boys scream dadu when JM comes through the door*
*having JM come through the door*
*listening to Jacob sing his precious heart out in worship
listening to music in his room or at church*
*girlfriends having babies ~ girls for both of them
born 1 week apart*
*the glimpses of God's amazing provision*
*the smooth minty feeling of my freshly brushed teeth*
*creating with girlfriends*
*time spent with family*
*waking up to a "dusting" of snow*
*obedient, happy boys that get along
and show love to each other*
*a warm cozy home*
*working with Godly women
in a nurturing Christian environment*
*stay home jammer days*
*thanksgiving & christmas*
*the smell of anything pumpkin flavored*
*hugs from 13 little 3 year olds on the active room*
oh Lord, you've blessed me richly.
thank you for showering me and reminding me ~
big or small blessings are all from you and need to be thought of as HUGE.
i'm so thankful for the way you make your self known to me.
i'm so thankful for the life you've given me.
i'm an incredibly blessed mama, woman, wife, daughter, & friend.
i'm an incredibly thankful mama, woman, wife, daughter, & friend.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Just popped over from Emily's blog and so glad I did. What a beautiful post.

Stay blessed, and remain aware! :)