Monday, November 10, 2008

it's a girl!

i have a few girlfriends that are having babies ~ one today in fact!!

this is what they just might be getting!


mama b said...

those turned out almost EXACTLY like mine!! crazy! did you sew??

Jill said...

hmmmm.... am I supposed to know what those are?
I feel lost.

Skamamama said...

yep sarah i sewed them. however i'm not a super sewer! i need to learn some more tricks to master some things better

you silly jillie ~ the one w/ ribbons is a "taggie burpie" and the other is a notepad! you crack me up! you definitely would not like these and would never use them! :)

Jill said...

oh. I get it now. The taggie burp cloth would be good... Once the kid is old enough to play with it. Not while they are little enough to need a burp cloth. So I guess it would span several age categories :-)
you guys are cute.