Friday, November 7, 2008

a fun give away!

i found these pretty little camera straps at a give away on another blog. she also has baby rattles. this cute blogger is hosting a give away . . . go sign up . . . no don't! i want to win! :) we are saving up for a good camera for our family for christmas!

this is my favorite!
they are all adorable but i like autumn dream the best
(i did post a picture but then realized i wasn't supposed to copy pics from her blog)


Kelli said...

Hey girl!

I just wanted to say, I have a Canon Rebel XT (love it ) but I sewed thick ribbon right onto the official "Canon" strap! Orange with white cute! love it! You could always do that :)

Skamamama said...

thats a great idea and much cheaper! :)
we are thinking on the canon rebel...i can't wait but i'll need lessons to take great pics!