Saturday, August 30, 2008

Top 7 Things about our Jacob

1~ He has the most contagious laugh. I absolutely LOVE his giggle! It's his real laugh that is just amazing...(sometimes his over the top sillyness can be too much)

2~ He LOVES to worship. I'm pretty sure he "gets it"! It's such a beautiful Joy to hear him singing, watch him listening, oh...and to join in prayer with him is a treasure! I LOVE his heart!

3~ There is something about Jacob's skin. I love touching both of our boys on their arms, face & backs especially at bed time. Their skins are both so different.

4~ He only wants to be called "sugarbug", "superboy", "sunshine", "jakey", (you get the idea) in private. We can use all of those fun, love names around the house but not anywhere else or around other people.

5~ As much as he & Ben may argue, he has such a tender love and seems to feel a genuine responsibility to him. It can be such a sweet thing to watch. He hugs him, looks out for him, and sometimes even misses him when he is at school.

6~ He has a love for learning. He enjoys big words, reading lots, and is fascinated with facts. On a recent trip to the library he told me he only wanted nonfiction books. We left with books about space, man made wonders, tropical rainforests, & amphibians.

7~ He continues to melt my heart in various ways. Just yesterday while we were discussing his day, HE said, "mommy I like it when you hold me this way". It is a rare thing for my 7 year old to want to be held in my lap but wow am I thankful for those occasions! His hugs are huge when he innitiates them.

Oink, Quack, Baa, Moo
Here is Jacob turning 2!

Happy Birthday

My Little Superboy!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for posting that cutie-patootie pic of Jacob at 2 years. That really took me back to our early days of motherhood--sweet, precious memories!! :)