Monday, August 25, 2008

Bedtime Field Trip & First Day of First Grade!

A few weeks ago we put the boys to bed as usual and waited for them to settle down. Then we went in and asked them if they would like to head out for a special surprise. Little B was so cute. He had already fallen asleep and if you know his little voice and words, you can imagine his simple response of "sure". Only his "R" sounds don't quite pronounce correctly. Anyway, we drove to the other side of Roanoke to find a CLOSED Krispy Kreme...BUMMER because we were planning on taking warm, fresh, mouth get the idea up to see the Roanoke star.

Their eyes look so sleepy!

But we can't do anymore late night field trips until next summer because today was the 1st day of 1st grade! I can't believe my boy is in first grade! Last year after his first day of kindergarten I couldn't get him talking about his day until I pulled out snacks and put Ben down for a nap. Today he talked the entire walk home and continued while we all listened...without the homemade chocolate chip cookies I had baked. I was trying to be prepared! He wasn't hungry!

"Aw Mom...You know I don't like cameras anymore!"

Somehow along the walk over Jacob convinced Ben to carry his backpack for him!


Jill said...

SOOOO cute on his first day!!
I hope that this week goes well!

I've been meaning to call you but today was way to hectic for me... emotionally, etc etc.
the boys started today and we had a nice quiet evening together.
I hope to blog again soon-
maybe now... :-)

mama b said...

kathy told me about yall's fun sleepy field trip. how precious! she said something about ben telling them over and over that he was "already sleeping." what a sweet memory!

hope the first week of school has been a good one for the j-man! i've been thinking about him this week. i know he already must have about 25 best friends.