Saturday, October 1, 2011


* i got to spend the day with my friend kim
* i got to be blessed by the teachings & ministry of susan rodenberg ~ wow! i just love her tender heart for women, God's word, her family
* as well as the fellowship with jenny & her friends
* begged & pleaded for kim to go through the chikfila just for some ice cream cones.  she even did a u turn to get into the parking log
* i came home to my almost FREE canvas print of jacob ~ i danced with it . . . . really!  he's so handsome
* changed the sheets on my bed (i know but this is a rare thing but it's a house job that became my responsibility about a year & a half ago.  since then, i've asked my dad to help with this when they come visit) but not today!
* had to close all the windows b/c our house has gotten too cold
* ended the day laughing like crazy while watching shrek 2.  it's so fun when jacob gets to giggling too b/c he catches the humor
* had the house to myself while the boys were doing their things . . . really quiet, calm, peaceful for a short bit
* thought so so much about a sweet darlin and her man as they made lifelong promises to each other . . . really though, is she old enough to be married. i can't count the times that crossed my mind this week!

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Jill said...

was the conference for single moms? I'm jealous that you have so quickly found a community of single moms. I'm working on it... but slowly.

and, the blog background!