Wednesday, October 26, 2011

it's the little things

that are actually BIG things

such JOY

coming across a stack of pics of my boys
     in their younger years
     so sweet
     i placed them around the kitchen in hopes they would see them
     and *remember* how sweet they can be on each other

one of my little preschoolers
     only speaks spanish
     until this week 
     i hear
     "ms. skammer, look!"
     i got so EXCTED!!

some really really great evenings with the boys
the best we've had in a while ~ no big deal kind of nights
but with
     great conversations 
     easy evenings
     good dinner
     project progress
     lots of cuddles
we're in a good place right now
     and i am THANKFUL

"As long as thanks is possible,
then JOY is always possible."
ann voskamp

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