Sunday, October 16, 2011

five friday favs

. . . on a SUNDAY!  
haha  I was reminded that I hadn't posted!  

love this oldie but goodie
and forgot how much i missed jars of clay

* * * * * 

these make packing lunches so easy
i can even do a couple days lunches and toss them in the fridge
the boys empty their lunch box and clean these out
i refill for the next day
then pop in back in the lunch box the next morning
we have 4 so i typically make lunches sunday & tuesday nights
for the following 2 days

* * * * *

thanks to friends
for getting me hooked on bath & body works

LOVE the Leaves 3 wick candle
my house smells cozy
thanks kim!

and the owl plug in
my classroom smells good 
thanks sommer!

* * * * * 

this movie isn't just a reminder for dads to step up
this mama needs to step up as well
very convicting to not just
"be good enough"
but be the best in leading our children
and in representing our God well

* * * * * 

it's no secret how much i've loved reading
angela thomas' stuff
i've just started
so far so good

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