Friday, June 24, 2011

five friday favs

realizing i have such a hard time keeping a fire going
these really came in handy for some fun dinner time desserts
the boys even got spoiled by having them for a few afternoon snacks

* * * * * 

this is now one of the boys' favorite dinners
we've already had it twice!
the easiest shredded chicken nachos ever

* * * * * 

his new single
"do everything"

* * * * * 

watching the boys enjoy sparklers
out back

* * * * *

brunch with my family for
father's day & daddy's birthday
followed by
pedis & manis w/ my mama
ben came along too
so cute

1 comment:

mama b said...

i made salsa chicken for clint last week and he LOVED it. sooo easy! it's in my file for sure now! see, this is why i LOVE pinterest!!!