Friday, June 17, 2011

I Won't Let Go

ready for a picture dump of our
end of year festivities
* * * * * 

the "movin up" celebration
eles really does this one up fun!

each grade is sectioned off
and wear a certain color

 first graders wore yellow
 3rd graders wore their individually designed
white tees w/ red decorating
(eh . . . not my fav)
 each grade level performs a song for the rest of the school
and all the parents
the teachers were really into it as well this year
 then it's the announcement of the theme
for the upcoming year
this year was
Echo Lake All Stars
next year its
Out of this World
(my wheels are already spinning for teacher treats)

i tend to be pretty rigid about bed time
but i'm proud to say that this final week
i've relaxed a little
jacob has acquired my need for having a plan
and having a hard time with
so he was less than thrilled when i said
let's go for a ride, i have an idea!
i just gave them clues so 
when he figured out where we were going
he was all over it!
 because we kept the shop open a little longer
the owner threw in some extra donuts
 we had never gone
but will definitely return
it was a fun treat

 look how sleepy my little b is
he made it though . . . . barely
he sat in my lap for a little bit

on the way
i called my 
"very spur of the moment can always handle a detour" 
to see if they wanted to join in on the fun

the claytor clan can always handle variations in their scheduling

the mama's and our kiddos that came

they took the picture 
"to make me happy"
in hopes of making it to the bus on the last day

it looks like jacob is mumbling 
"just do it ben"
through his teeth
and poor ben,
his mama kept him up way too late
he is *homin*
 but we did make it to the bus
 it's been our tradition 
that the boys come home to
some simple, inexpensive summer fun things
and this year a few necessities as well
goggles, summer work books, glo wands, 
beach towels, poppers,
sparklers, pool noodles, etc.
 as soon as the boys got on the bus this morning
i went to the garage and pulled out this old sheet
to have some fun with spray paint
i hung it up on my way to the bus
and by the time we walked back it had fallen
so this is what i got of it
 that's our little ben
with the bag
he may be tired of the camera
i remind him one day
he's going to appreciate it
 we now have a 
2nd grader & a 4th grader

i think about the boys every time i hear this song.
as you may know, 
it's played LOTS!

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