Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i have to admit the past couple weeks i've had to dig a little deeper to truly find joy each day
i totally know God has it in store for me
right in front of my eyes

i've been tired, run down, bla, just plain ole exhausted
feeling little desire to read his word
which explains my shorter list of joy
this is raw

but here's a go at it!

:: a delicate outdoor celebration of upcoming commitment, love, dedication
   oh how i adore this darlin girl young lady

:: rainbows

:: having our windows open in b/w the showers

:: ex. 14:14
   i keep getting reminded of those words

:: blue skies

:: celebrating 11 4 & 5 year olds
they're growing up

:: compliments from our sweet little 7 year old
he can be so encouraging
he loves!

:: reconnecting with a girlfriend from high school
a group of us became close friends with a few exchange students from brazil
i finally found olivia on facebook!!
she said she's new to facebook.
so glad i kept stalking searching!

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