Monday, May 16, 2011

it's amazing when

thanks karen for the encouragement
to find the brighter side!

* you take van to shop to have nail removed
and the nail must have come out on its own
with no air leaks
and no charge

* my mama texts me to say
she found a pair of the flip flops i *need*

* you have a friend
who helps you look for
left i touch on the floor of a movie theatre

* you find the said i touch
on the movie theatre floor

* to have a friend
meet the boys at the bus stop
when you are stuck in traffic

* the boys put their dinner dishes
in the dishwasher
WITHOUT being asked to

* you find 1 2 little darlins
waiting sleeping in your bed

* you get to spend the afternoon
cuddling with a kiddo home from school
warm, sweet, soft skin

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