Sunday, December 12, 2010

Join Jonah & Me

As some of you know I LOVED this study I did in Jonah. Well besides starting late . . . I then got behind in the last 2 weeks on it ~ so . . . . imagine how excited I was to get this email announcement.

Dear friends,

Life has gone from busy to frenetic in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I welcome the silence of an early morning run, the moment to worship in church this morning, and the anticipation my children feel when they open their advent calendars each morning! But even as we approach Christmas, I’ve been thinking ahead to 2011. This week, I’ll reunite with a small group of girls that I led this summer. My question for them:

what kind of woman would you like to be in the next three months, and what do you hope for in the next five years?

I’ve found myself pondering my own answers to the question! What about you?

As I think back over the fall, I want to thank you for allowing me to join you on your study of Jonah through The Divine Pursuit. I hope you’ve enjoyed the study and found meaningful ways to relate the story of Jonah to the story God is writing about your life.

The study has been an incredible experience for me, and to get to share it with so many people has been outstanding. Your support of the printed guide has already sent over $500 to International Justice Mission, and the chance to interact with many of you—in small or big ways—has been rich.

So in the spirit of giving, I’d love to extend a special offer exclusively to you.

For this week only, the printed version of the Divine Pursuit is only $7.50 if you visit this page:

If you’ve found the study meaningful, I’d love for you to consider gifting it to a friend, or pass this email along to others that might benefit from the guide.

And if it’s still sitting on your shelf (these things happen!!), perhaps you can ask someone to join you, start your own group using the leader guide, or join our next round of online discussion groups that begin the week of January 10.

One more thing: if you want to lead a group, I’ll send you a free leader guide. Just order 3 or more books and the leader guide will be included as a free download!

Wishing you peace, laughter and delicious cookies this Christmas,


SO ~ anyone want to join me?  I really did like it that much! 

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Jill said...

I should probably jump on board.
do you have to order... since the email was for existing customers?