Friday, December 24, 2010

Five Friday Favs

unplanned play dates
today was our calmest day of Christmas break
and we had 4 boys here
i even took all 4 to make a target return
that was the easiest trip to target w/ boys in tow

generosity of friends
even if there is no name on the package
i love the surprise
but do wish i could write a thank you note
thank you sweet friend/elf

a spur of the moment trip out to look at lights
complete w/ a stop at krispy kreme
the line was so long
that once the boys ate their snowman dougnut
they fell asleep before we got back to all the lights

it's been my prayer this season
that God won't let anything steal it!

a morning with some of the residents at Spring Arbor
we gathered w/ friends ~ mama's & children
sorted cookies into pretty boxes
delivered & sang
one lady mentioned that they will expect a visit
EVERY holliday!

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