Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's hard to blog in the midst of a move. It's even harder when we don't have internet in our new home. But we came to the skammers for a break so here's a quick run down ~

We're taking on 1 task at a time and 1 room at a time. We have amazing friends who enjoy painting . . . whew! We have mattresses for us all to sleep on, food for meals, a great yard & cul de sac for them play and friends for them to play with.

We received Roxy's new collars at our new home. hopefully later this week we will have Roxy too. we were hoping to go pick her up today but decided it wouldn't be good for her to be around w/ all the painting we realized that we need to do.

The master bedroom, boys' room, & play room are ready for furniture and the living room gets a couple coats of paint today. It's so hard to be patient with the process.

The boys will ride the bus for the first time this year on Monday and they are excited. It will actually be Ben's first time ever!

Alright back to the "process"!


mama b said...

yay!! glad yall are making some headway! we are behind...haha. can't wait to hear or see your colors.

Jill said...

sounds like things are coming along! I hope that the boys had a great bus ride today!!! :-)
can't wait to see your new place!