Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kitchen Counters

but first some other random pictures i just cleared from our camera

care package treats
We have our Roxy girl back.

She's keeping Jacob's feet warm.

Is it awful that I asked Ben if I could take his picture as pitiful feeling as he is?
It helped that I had some ice cream from Sam's bday treat.
He's definitely improved just in the last 12 hours.
He'll still have to miss school tomorrow . . .
oh his birthday.
2nd year in a row
I didn't even ask him to smile but he was trying to.

Here you go grandparents
Since it didn't work out for ya'll to enter & eat
with us afterall Sunday,
here's a peak at our kitchen.
Just a few more things to do.
We'll have to wait for the microwave & range to bite the dust
before trading them in for black.
Except for that we need to change out some hardware & lighting.
Maybe that will be done before you get here.
We have seating for everyone!
I'll post pics of the play room & living room next time.

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Poppy said...

love your kitchen already