Monday, February 14, 2011

lots to love

i've never been one to get all excited & mushy over valentines
so we've always just done it with the boys
made over it a tiny bit with them
unfortunately they are starting to get a little less than thrilled
making valentines with me for their friends!
so maybe next year, we'll just buy the sign n folds

they didn't like my cutesie tag 
"make no mistake,
have a happy valentines day"
attached to a bag w/ mini erasers from the $1 spot

oh well
i bettcha they'll love the 
heart shaped rice krispie treats dipped in white chocolate 
in their lunch box!
not to mention the red crush soda to go with dinner tonight.

enough on that
there are lots of things i love
inspired by this lovely lady
i feel like i could just copy & paste much of hers

instead i'll try to add my own
but i totally indentify with her love of 
target, chipotle, 
having our windows open on a february day
an afternoon nap
my soft polka dot jammers
do i need to mention chikfila
my family
(the one born into
and the one i married into)
flip flop tan lines
phone calls from girl friends
crafternoons with my girls
hearing birds chirp a little the last week
rice krispie treats
sweat shirts & blue jeans
monday night = dinner from Maria's  = $4.17 family pizza

what about you?
what do you love?

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