Saturday, February 12, 2011

Five Friday Favs . . . on a Saturday

sitting on the couch 
with my little loves
a gifted heart box of chocolates
it was a buffet of sorts
take a bite and sample each one
then return to the box
we all got to taste them all
then we returned to the bitten chocolates
the next day

* * * * * 

a newly acquired love of wawa coffee
english toffee to be exact
it's way cheap
its surely convenient when getting gas
it's on the way to preschool

 * * * * * 

yogi teas
(maybe i shouldn't have shared bitten chocolates;)
i don't feel sick though
just NO voice & scratchy throat
boys are surely taking advantage of the no voice

* * * * * 

report cards
an honor roll kiddo
and a
good citizenship kiddo
2 trying their best kiddos

* * * * * 

10 of the most darlin preschoolers on the planet
their faces were precious 
as they passed out their valentines on thursday

1 comment:

mama b said...

precious post! that's the same way i love to eat assorted chocolates! it gets on clint's nerves though...all those half-eaten chocolates. :)

and i meant to comment a few posts back that YES, reeses in shapes are so much more delicious than plain ol' cups. heart, pumpkin, egg, doesn't matter. i think it's the chocolate to PB ratio! ;)