Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Terri's Tip Today!

Our Jacob is so sweet he's been getting a little eaten up by some summer pests . . . MOSQUITOS! So I asked my sweet friend Terri what she does with her own daughter and here are her safe suggestions.

How to Repel Mosquitos Naturally

When choosing a mosquito repellant, look for a brand with the active ingredient of citronella oil instead of the chemical DEET. I just purchased a bottle of Buzz Away that contains Citronella Oil, essential oils, purified water, grain alcohol, and castor oil.

Also, mosquitos typically live very close to where they were born and they are born in standing water. So, look around your yard and eliminate any pools of stagnant water that may breed mosquitos and you will reduce the number of these pests around your home.

Lastly, if you are going to be out during "feeding time" in the evenings, wear lightweight long sleeved garments and pants to reduce the opportunity for bites. If you do choose to use DEET products, just put them on the few exposed areas or on clothing, but NEVER, EVER UNDER clothing. (this causes increased absorption into the bloodstream)

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer!

If you haven't checked out her book ~ it's not too late! Our family is still in the process of changing one thing at a time.

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