Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love . . .

~ the new Christy Nockels CD

~ taboulli from Trader Joes (I'm heading out to get some in a few minutes)

~ breakfast date with my man at Chik Fil A (I've never been there w/out the boys)

~ Vacation Bible School (the boys love it too ~ J even said I want to come here for Bible School every year! . . . good thing!)

~ winning a give away I'll let you know how the book is

~ Make it with Mom Monday ~ while I'm glad the boys are excited about it, they want to make the same thing as last week. We will since we are making for Memaw & Papaw too. We will do something different next week. So it's chicken pockets, mac & cheese, asparagus this time, blueberries & cherrys and pudding pops.

~ a laid back rainy day

~ going to a great picnic, meeting new people, watching the boys enjoy a pool

~ baking with the boys I'm thinking some lemon bars are also in our afternoon plans.

~ thinking about a visit to Maymont later this week to play, picnic & take pictures

~ that it's SUMMER!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

What VBS are the boys going to? I need to try those chicken pockets sometime...sounds yummy!