Friday, July 18, 2008

Ribbon, Buttons, Papers, OH MY!

We can now add to the list . . .


I should have been packing but instead I created with papers, ribbon, buttons, and letters! While I was crafting I realized I love the alphabet maybe as much as I love ribbon! And I had no idea! :) But I did have FUN!

A few are even ready for Christmas!

stickers, cut outs, metals, etc. But WOWSERS I have A LOT!

I have also enjoyed painting . . . and POLKA DOTS! I'll have pictures of those frames later. I did "borrow" that idea though. A friend found them online and they are a little pricey so I came up with my own. Hopefully we can use them in our new home!

Better get to packing...after I finish my frames first!


Poppy said...


You are also a great photographer!

These colors are terrific!

mama b said...

cuteness, cuteness, cuteness. you've been a busy lady!

Emily said...

Isn't that always the case, start one project only to have something much more fun take over! You have a ton of supplies! You could come up with all kinds of stuff to do packing all that up!