Friday, March 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

a day late . . . again ~ this time I forgot

our GOD is good
i LOVE my little boys
SQUEAKY (he reminded me that I forgot to post Thankful Thursday ~ yesterday!)
FUN at Penelope. . . 20% off EVERYTHING in the store until tomorrow
yay for Lynchburg . . . driving there to night (by myself :) ) and listening to this!
i'm FINALLY feeling better! and even more thankful that NONE of the boys have gotten strep throat . . . or any other nasty germ for that matter!
we have really really been enjoying the warm weather this week ~ really good for the boys ~ thus really really good for me!
Trader Joes is coming to Short Pump!

that was a random selection of thankful things!

Make it a good one!


Jill said...

why the trip to lynchburg?

Skamamama said...

my mom is having a wedding shower for my cousin