Friday, February 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

. . . 1 day late! but it was a LONG day yesterday!

I am thankful for LONG days! . . . sometimes :)
I am thankful again for creative children . . . Jacob spent an hour at our art/homework table creating while I tried to take a nap and then we went to Ben's art show
I am thankful for stay home days . . . today!
I am thankful for sweet grandparents who made the drive just to see Ben's art . . . and we got to visit w/ as well.
I am thankful for school lunches . . . (I was just too pooped to fix Jacob's lunch today - good thing it was Pizza day for lunch)
I am excited about new worship songs for me to Jam to.
I am excited for a day to catch up . . . oh I already mentioned something like that.
I am thankful 2 little boys who are just that . . . LITTLE BOYS! sometimes we need reminding of that.
I am thankful for Fridays!
I am excited for our new fresh place to worship at.
I am thankful for the nice hot shower I am about to take!

Make it a wonderful Friday! I'll try to post Monster Truck pictures and Art Show pictures later today.

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