Monday, February 18, 2008

Exciting Weekend Ahead!

I just found out yesterday that I get to go here (enter and then click on the DC location to see who will be there.) this coming weekend and I'm just a little excited! For my first time, I get to join John Mark serving, worshiping, and helping w/ this amazing ministry! I can't wait! I hope my girl Christy is there!

then...we return very late from that to a totally different venue. The following day we are taking the boys to see Jacob's favorite truck on Sunday. It originally was going to be a Dadu/boys day but I decided this was something I don't want to miss! They said they didn't mind if I tag along!

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Jill said...

hey there!
I'm back to blogging like you requested.
(BUT!! I am up at 11:30pm fooling with this computer stuff!!
I'll try not to make it a habit!!)
check out the blog and I'll try to update every week or so...