Friday, March 16, 2012

an answer to my "whys"

i'm learning a lot these days about struggles, pain, joy, exchange, God's love & more

let me start first with the confusion i have in finding a church to plant, worship, grow, serve, etc. in.  i LOVE LOVE LOVE Hope however we just haven't found our niche.  i've taken the boys to a few other churches that i really like, we have friends at each one, and they each have choices for myself & the boys.
then i come back to hope.  i think that is truly where we need to dig our feet . . . doing it is hard.

timely that i returned to hope last week for the series "empty"

 . . . . . . . . . .

i've found my self asking "why" a lot over the past 2 years.  why would God allow my man to leave our marriage.  why am i without my best friend, Godly husband, ministry partner, etc.

i've loved the points the Lord has brought to my attention through the sermons these past 2 weeks.

* God's present in our sufferings. Job
* it's up to me to how to respond to these sufferings 1 Peter 1:7
* knowing the fellowship of His sufferings Phil 3:10
* every place of suffering is a place of exchange ~ if we are close to him isaiah 53:5
* my pain could make me a better friend to Jesus!  NEVER have i thought of it like this. (LOVE THIS ONE!)
* beauty has nothing to do with what i look like but who I am
* He who has not suffered, what does he know?

and the biggie that struck me ~

"The losses I've experienced 
may be the most powerful tools 
Jesus uses to make me beautiful"

i no longer need an answer to all my "whys".  instead i pray that i choose to rest in the ways God can use the mess & bless it.  i like that answer way better than blaming Satan.

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