Monday, February 20, 2012

Fantastic February Fun . . .

. . . with friends

the boys both have good girl friends
so we thought it would be fun to invite them both over at the same time
after the initial invitation
more & more were invited the day of

baking with all these kiddos
was fun chaos!

i can't wait for us to do it again

1 of our favorite games
if you don't have it
get it!

that's right ben,
make yourself comfortable

. . . with family

i've NEVER been a real fan of valentines day
but that doesn't mean i shouldn't make it special for my boys

so we had some of their favorites,
baked spaghetti * chocolate covered strawberries * sparkling grape juice

and a new yummy dessert
we HIGHLY recommend it

surely we'll have more fun to finish out the month

1 comment:

Megan said...

what a sweet group!! looks like fun. i've been wondering if that oreo pudding poke cake tastes as good as it sounds... will have to try it!