Sunday, August 22, 2010

On My Mind

~ a certain little special someone' 9th birthday is NEXT WEEK . . . until today, we hadn't discussed a thing for it!  if you know me, that's not normal as we normally have these planned out a month in advance!  thankfully he settled on a simple birthday party this year.  he went from wanting a "Lego-Star Wars-Camp Out-Movie-Sleepover to "how about a pool party"?  I tried not to sound too excited b/c that would change his mind for sure!  We are ALL ABOUT the home party and up until this year have not done a party any other way.  i asked JM if we could still consider this a "home party" since it's only $10 to reserve the pool.  he smiled & agreed.

~ gathering ideas to love on, appreciate, spoil, welcome back the ELES teachers.  this will be my first time on PTA and my position is hospitality.  i'm pretty excited!

~ speaking of welcoming back the teachers . . . Back to School . . . aaah.  i can't believe it and am not ready for the boys to head back.  that means we have a 1st & 3rd grader.  double aaaah!

~ then i get to welcome a new bunch of 4 year olds into my little classroom.  i've met them all over the last week and am thrilled about this year.  they are going to be a precious, sweet bunch!

~ really desiring to get back on track with good food choices for our family.  i need some terri holler encouragement about now.  it does help that a few of my friends are taking on this way of life as well.  that will be motivation for us!

~ not to mention the dentist appointments, family stuff, laundry, dirty dog, tall grass, etc.

so obviously my mind is going in all directions and i like most of the directions it is going in.  i'd prefer not to have to do laundry or give roxy a bath though.

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