Monday, June 2, 2008

Boys Boys Boys

I've been told by quite a few that I need to post! It's really not much but here it goes...I have a few more readers than I realized!

I LOVE my boys!
JM was gone this weekend (and we missed him!) and that usually means the weekend sort of drags. However, it flew by and we had a blast! We did simple yet special things together! We did something Friday night that the boys have never done but I can't's for a special someone's birthday/Father's day! So cute! The rest of the weekend we didn't go by a schedule but just went w/ the flow! It was a nice change. (I still like a routine though :) ) We played outside all day and late each night, played in the pool on the porch, ate 4:00! haha. We made muffins for Breakfast at 10am when we are usually at church. The boys even went w/ me to try on clothes...I need shorts/pants and they were great! While Ben took a nap, Jacob & I played Battleship (my game from when I was little) and he almost won...I was only 2 calls ahead of him! We went to the pet store...nope, we have no pets! We had the most relaxed weekend filled w/ random fun! I highly reccomend it!

oh and Ben's still looks not so pretty! but he's great! it looks similar to a green quarter w/ a purple dot in the middle.

I'm off to Jacob's school to celebrate his summer bday. He told me this morning in the car that he knows some of my favorite things to do. One of them being going to his class. I am so glad he realizes this!

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